Online Entries

Open Class Entries for the Coshocton County Fair are now Online Only. The exceptions this year are for Open Class Llama and Open Horse Shows. These Entries will still be made Day of Show or as printed on the Entry Form.

Open Class Entries Close Saturday September 17th

Jr. Fair Entries Close Friday September 2nd.

**Please Note When Making Entries that if you are making entries for Jr. Fair, use the entries marked 4-H. If you are making Open Class Entries, use the entries that are listed without the 4-H at the beginning.

Instructions for Making Online Entries

1. Navigate to the Website for Online Entries

2. Click "Sign In" to Register

3. Select Exhibitor from the Drop Down

4. Fill In Necessary Information

5. Once Registered, Follow the Next Steps to Complete Your Entries

*You will NOT have to register again in the future. You will be able to use the login you create to make entries in the future. You will Select "Login" instead of "Sign In"

**Please Note that you will NOT be able to purchase your Exhibitor Ticket Online. This will still need to be purchased from the Fair Office.


Coshocton County Jr. Fair Livestock Auction

Online Add Ons  


Add ons can now be done online!


If you are not registered yet as a buyer you need to first register at this website: Select "Sign In", "Buyer", "I am a New Buyer" and complete the information. You must use a cell phone for your phone number in order to receive your 4 digit log in code.


Once registered proceed to the next step:


Visit here to make add-ons:

Click "Log In", then find your buyer name, if you know your 4 digit code enter it, if you don't know it then click "Request Security Code" and it will be texted to the phone you registered under your buyer name. Use that code to Log in.


Browse the lots or search by a specific exhibitor by using the search bar in the top left corner.


Thanks for your support! If you have any questions contact the OSU Extension Office - we can help you access your security code if needed.


You will receive a bill in the mail after add-ons close!